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The Singers

Our group has been singing together for several years. Our names and interests appear below. We also have guests and former members whom we would like to acknowledge with respect and gratitude for their contributions to our joyful journey.

Sylvain BrochuSylvain Brochu

Sylvain Brochu sings Tenor (and sometimes Alto) He grew up in Quebec, has lived on the West Coast for more than 10 years, performs and teaches modern dance, practices and teaches Hatha Yoga, and is a practitioner of Shiatsu.



Jon erikssonJon Eriksson

 A few years ago the father and mother of a very young Jon were often awakened in the morning by the sound of singing coming from their wet baby son, standing up in his crib. A bit later, around the age of 2, sitting in his high chair and loudly banging his foot, Jon solemnly informed them, "I have a song in my foot, and it has to come out."

Jon's songs still insist on coming, arriving even as fragments of music or poetry remembered from morning dreams. Jon attempts to capture these illusive dream-songs by scribbling them down for later development, since besides singing, one of his greatest pleasures is the composition of songs for piano and voice. He also writes metrical poetry for use as future song lyrics. These poems insist on coming too.

To support his singing habit Jon tries to teach school children to appreciate the beauty and wonder of life. On good days he even encourages them to sing. Jon sings Baritone mostly, but also Tenor and Bass.

Tom KelloughTom Kellough

Tom Kellough sings Baritone and Bass . He is a teacher/musician and currently teaches full time music at Chatelech Secondary School in Sechelt.




Jen MacInnesJen MacInnes

Jen has always loved to sing.  Her introduction into music at an academic level, however, did not begin until college. Since then Jen has explored solo and choral singing through numerous choirs, both locally and in the UK.  She has also performed in various theatrical productions over the years.  She recently gave up her post as conductor for the Pender Harbour Secondary School Concert Band after ten years with the group.  Jen is excited to have the time to pursue music on a more personal level again.

Elizabeth Scott

Elizabeth Scott

Elizabeth Scott sings soprano and sometimes alto, and has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 1991... She is a graphic artist with Arrastudio.com, builds things from wood and other substances, and loves to swim in the sea. 



Tina Wesseling

Tina Wesseling

Tina Wesseling sings alto. She is a semi-retired office assistant who lives in Gibsons BC where she incorporates harmony, beauty and simplicity into a vibrant life informed by Spirit.